About Patrick Gallery

Patrick Gallery used to be a traditional divorce lawyer; he’s seen countless couples litigate their way to divorce. After 18 years of witnessing the bitter and wasteful nature of traditional divorce, he decided he’d had enough.

Looking for a better way, he undertook specialized training to become a Collaborative Divorce Attorney. He now works exclusively with people committed to reaching peaceful solutions during this very difficult time in their lives.

Patrick’s life experience includes:

  1. Owning and operating a fishing & tour boat in Alaska
  2. Owning a wholesale jewelry manufacturing business with 130 employees in Washington State
  3. Enrolling in law school at age 35 and graduating 2nd in his class
  4. Practicing divorce law in Bellingham, WA since 1992
  5. Turning to Collaborative Law in 2008

Patrick’s practice is grounded in these beliefs:

  1. Protecting children from embittered custody battles
  2. Preserving children’s relationships with both parents
  3. Both you and your spouse should be treated with dignity and respect
  4.  The goal is win/win, not win/lose
  5. Divorcing couples can remain friends and be at peace with the end of their relationship

Patrick Gallery knows divorce law and can guide you through the process, whatever your situation may be. Call him today for your free Collaborative Divorce consultation.